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What We Do

EDA Direct specializes in the sales and support of EDA software products. We are a leading reseller of EDA products from several companies: Cliosoft, Concept Engineering, Mentor Graphics and MunEDA. We operate under distributor agreements covering specific geographic markets with several vendors worldwide. We act as an extension of the vendors’ sales force, marketing to a broad customer base that vendors cannot serve economically.

Who We Are

EDA Direct was incorporated in 1997. At EDA Direct we constantly seek out the best available products in each category, to provide only best-of-breed solutions. When you buy from EDA Direct, you can rest assured that the solution we suggest will work as intended today and on into the future.

Why You Should Consider EDA Direct

Because of our excellent support and ability to supply a wide variety of products from different vendors, we allow customers one-stop shopping. We take the pain and frustration out of searching through the software jungle. With so many products available, it’s quite a challenge to figure out which ones best address your needs. Allowing you to focus on other priorities. We encourage you to call us just to talk! We’ll share our thoughts on your situation and provide specific recommendations. This is at no cost to you. It’s part of who we are and why we’re different. Being a third party supplier we can be more objective to customers needs. Over time we develop excellent customer relationships and are in a position to serve our customers better. Customer service is our religion! We have an unsurpassed, proven ability to understand the issues you face, help you select the right tools, and support you like no other.